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Звёзды по ночному и я между ними, всё было не зря.
Со своей мечтою бежала, летела по краю дождя.

Я его искала ночами и долгими днями с собою звала.
Как без него я жила? Я просто ждала...

Райхон: Без него сжалось сердце от боли.
Согдиана: Без него я как птица в неволе.
Я приехала из маленького города
Я девочка не глупая, не гордая
Я жила с подругой в страшном общежитии
И взяла там то, что не дают родители

Как мне надоели мальчики безденежные
Под гитару песни и цветы копеечные
Жить хочу красиво, я меняю планы
Надо срочно встретить Петю Листермана

Я з
В буднях спокойно серых
В сладких грехах обычных
Жил я вчера как все мы
Жизнью своей привычной

Но вдруг всё завертелось
Словно грозой разбужен
Как же ты так посмела
Стать мне как воздух нужной?

Недостающей частью
Той, с кем безумно счастлив

Девочка, девушка, женщина
Пусть все
Woke up tonight, looked at the moon
Blinding light, filled up my room
Looked to my right – my better half
And it’s alright, if it’s all I have
I let it ride, I’m satisfied
Just be mine

Kill me with killa kiss
Kill me with tempting lips
Stare me with candy eyes
Love me with luscious tighs
(Whoaaa oooh)
One to hundred multiplied by you
It all looks great, it all looks cool

Healthy children go to school
My daughter’s in love, my son loves too

Oh on the surface, oh in the distance
It’s all the same.
Oh, in the darkness, oh don’t you notice
What a different game yeaah

If you
Daylight is fading away, night silhouettes in the sky
LED lights are flashing on towers
It’s Manhattan’s magical time

Ballerinas dancing the Swan Lake
On a river made of diamonds and pearls
Everything’s a little bit weird now

Because tonight, it is showtime
In the middle of the street life
All we
So Lucky! So Lucky!

Ray ban glasses,
I move with ease
In my convertible breeze.

So Lucky!

whiskey on the rocks
life on the top
my party never stops!

So Lucky!

A dusk to dawn sinner
Love traded in for lust
It’s emotions I don’t
When I close my eyes, I fall into a dream
Can’t you see this world of people, live in peace
The sun is shining in my heart, rainbows in the sky
Spread your wings and fly, fly, fly, high

We’re gonna dream us on our way in a world where we are not meant to stay
Together we can make it, oh, the secret is you, it’s love
I know I’ll find strenght inside me
How much I can achieve!

They won’t break everything inside me
They won’t see me crushed again
They can’t get close to me

They won’t find a way to me
They won’t take my faith
They want to look above me again

No, no!

But I know I’ll find strenght
Come on boys, come on girls
In this crazy, crazy world
You’re the diamonds, you’re the pearls
Let’s make a new tomorrow, today

Wake up, slow down
Do nothing right now
Breathe in, breathe out
Did we forget how to live, to dream
And what it all means
It’s like we don’t care

Who’s hot, who’
I looked into your eyes and when I saw your smile
I knew right from the start – life is good for a while
Romance comes and goes but a love like ours is here to stay
Each lovely night and sunny day

I love everything about you, I couldn’t do without you
Whenever you’re near me all my days are on the bright side
Zemër, ti mos më ler pa fjalë
Dua t’ia them e dua t’ia marrë
Sa herë vij edhe shkoj si frymë të kërkoj
Në gjak më jë futur, pa ty s’mund të rroj

Më bëhesh det e më bëhesh valë
Më tharë një lot edhe më ndez një
You think you’ve got the time to figure it out
Life will pass you by, your time is running out, oh yeah
You’re haunted by your troubles every day
Wasted smiles away, what’s there left to say?
You’ve gotta make believe and make your dreams come true
It ain’t that hard to do, whoa

‘Cause I can’t change, I can’t cha
Weet je schat
We zien het soms een beetje zwart
Soms lijkt de wereld om je heen
Koud en gemeen

En je strijdt
Omdat de aarde lijdt
Maar zelfs als de zon voorgoed verdween
Je vecht nooit alleen

Want je hebt de tijd de eeuwigheid
De verbeelding aan je zij
En je weet daar zal ik altijd zijn
Peter is smart, he knows each European country by heart
He likes to sit under an apple tree on his yard
And wait for an apple to fall

When Peter is nine,
His teacher tells him that this planet is dying
That someone needs to put an end to it all
And so when Peter comes home
He tells his mom

I’m goi