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This time you’re really dead
Once followed, but always led
You thought you’d rise above it all

It’s all inside your head
All ripping it up in shreds
I know someday you’re gonna fall

And I don’t wanna say I told you so
But I told you so
Now you’ve lost control

And I don’t wanna be the ri
I am the one, your help I’ve refused
Your offering hand just set off the fuse
I am the rock that pushes away
I gave up tomorrow to spite today

Too proud to beg
Too stubborn to try
I’d look in your face
And spit in your eye

But I’m willing to find what’s really inside
And show I am strong enou
Я встретил тебя, над землёю паря
Смог любовь сохранить, в твоем сне рядом жить.
Ты не видишь меня , в одиночестве дня,
И ночами не спя, вспоминая мой образ земной.
Где мы под луной, упала звезда, сказала мне да.
Ведь нам не по пути, нам не по пути…

Нам не по пути, нам не по пути,
Нам не по пут
Семь часов вечера
Ветер навстречу
И с плаката на меня смотришь ты
Сердце предательски
Дрогнет, но я в тиски
Мысли рисуют что ты уже не со мной.

В городе сердца моего
Заперты двери для него
Задёрнуты шторы, как в кино
Без комментариев, но-но.
Как тебя не хватает
Только душа мо
Girl - you lived your life like a sleeping swan
Your time has come
To go deeper
Girl - the final journey has just begun
Your destiny
Chose the reaper

No Fear
Destination Darkness
No Fear
Destination Darkness
No Fear

Girl - rain falls down from the northern skies
Like pois
You pull me close
I get this kind of reaction yea
Can you feel my pulse
My heart is beating faster yea
From this love affair

And it would be only you talking in my ear
You are lips are so beautiful ooh I want them near
Your eyes they undress me
They make me confess it
The things

On the TV,
In your face,
on radio-oh

Its a riot,
Its a riot,
They say no, oh

You are frantic,
Don’t you panic,
Let it go-oh

We are,we are, we are

In the cities,
On the streets,
Around the globe-oh

They turn
anything you
Мы не играем в игры людей,
Правил не знаем,
Наша любовь словно ручей...
Вливаются в вены млечным путем
Солнце сгорело,
Нам всё равно: дышим, живем!

Да, я вливаюсь в реки сердца,
Я вхожу в твои мечты,
Посмотри! Здесь оживают сны!
Паутины... Реки сердца.... Это...

Мы не играем, с
She keeps telling me
You know you’re the shit
Ladies through your hands up
That’s if you’re the shit
Wake up in the club
And they knew I was the shit
Shiting on everybody
That’s .. bitch
You know you’re the shit

Glad you leave us to the shit
Hands were your heart is on
Mother fuckers salu
[Trey: Talking]
This The Last Ime, Its The Last Chapter

[Verse 1:]
Cuz If She Catch Me With You
She Gon Kill Us
These Hotel Walls Are Looking To Familiar
Your Love Is So, So Serious
Girl You Keep Me Comin Back That Is
I Be With Her Thinkin Of You
I Be With You Thinkin Of Her, My Boo
She Dont D
[Verse 1]
Every night up in the club getting money with the thugs starting out falling in love
Then there was you
And I don’t want to be a player no more
Every night in the club tricking with different girl thought id never fall in love
Then I met you
Girl you changed my mind
One look
and just one touch
Now I know im gun’ get down on the floor
Experiencing what you cant ignore
But something bout this beat just got me hooked
Come over here and take a closer look

Coz I cant get enough, I cant get enough
I cant stay on the ground (woah)
I cant get enough, I cant get enough
This is taking me now

I’ve been watching you
You’ve been hurting too
You give all your love
nothing left to show.
I have been there too
Alone in my despair
Watching life go by,
No one whom to share
Boy you got it bad
But I got something good
I will treat you good in every way yeah
You will never feel alone
My t
It must be love
Because we are too afraid to say
It must be love
And so we paint everything in grey

Lets not lose this change
Hold on to my hands
Lets not waste this time

Cause today
Is a great day
For falling in love
Cause today
Is a great day
For falling in love, for falling
Coz i cant live without Ya oh oh oh
(Girl i cant live without ya oh oh oh oh!)
Cloud nine strides
Coz i cant live without Ya oh oh oh
(Girl i cant live without ya oh oh oh oh!)
I need you back in my zone
cos i actually feel i cant cope on my own
Coz i cant live without Ya oh oh oh)
I need u back in my zone